Chilli Banana Cookbook
The Chilli Banana cookbook – a 192-page hardback packed with more than 50 of May’s favourite recipes – comes with notes on Thai cooking, ingredients and the country’s food culture too.

More customers than ever have enjoyed a Chilli Banana meal and then asked us for the recipe. So we thought we would gather together a cross section of the most popular dishes from our recent menus.

We’ve asked May’s mother, 6,000 miles away in Thailand, to be part of the book by writing the foreword. After all – she taught May everything she knows.

And we got specialist photographer Tim Green over to Thailand as well as the North West to shoot some of the best cookery book illustrations we’ve ever seen. It’s a stunning selection that really captures the beating heart of Thailand.

This book has been a dream of ours for a long time and comes in response to the many recipe requests that we regularly get from customers who have enjoyed their food so much that they want to try a recreate the meal at home. Now they can.

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